Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Most Fascinating Places In Paris

1. Eiffel Tower

These tourist spots are the result of a series of 18 083 iron built between 1887 and 1889. Although built to celebrate the French revolution a century, making themselves invite criticism from all over France. Among artists assess the absence of the beauty of the Eiffel, is the architectural debate on the wind resistance of their structures. Even so, this French icon visited by millions of people remain faithful every year. Maybe more people who want to see Paris from a height of 275 meters through observation deck, including Tom Cruise Katie Holmes that apply in the restaurant of the famous romantic.

2. Arch de Triomphe

At the other end of the Champ Elysee, the resorts that will agan find is building resembles a large gate. Arch de Triomphe Napoleon built in 1806 as a symbol of French victory. Unfortunately, "The Short" trigger Napoleon was deposed before the building was finished established.

3. Champ Elysee

Being one of the elite in the Paris region are used as tourist attractions. Here agan will find a display case containing the goods and the famous perfume, other than expensive cafes that lined the road. Pedestrian comfort is also guaranteed, given the width of the sidewalk here. Formerly, the numbers are never used for the parade celebrating the Allied victory in World War II.

4. Place de la Concorde

Another with a story the Place de la Concorde. Sights is the largest square in Paris, built in 1755 in an area of ​​86,400 meters. Characteristic of this place is a monument and fountain. Formerly, the nobility was laughing while watching the execution of criminals is open to opponents of the monarchy. After the French Revolution, changing the faces of the bourgeois was a gloomy face execution. The name of this resort is itself changed several times. Starting from the Place Louis XV "," Place de la Revolution ", and the final" Place de la Concorde "as a symbol of reconciliation.

5. Musee Du Louvre

Louvre Museum is one of the largest art museums in the world. If you do not like art, but want to satisfy your curiosity will be painting Mona Lisa (in Paris called "la joconde"), or may be interested because the book "The da Vinci Code", you still have to go to this museum. Formerly used as a museum building is the palace of the Louvre (Palais de Louvre) which was built in 1190 and has become the stage of completion as the building looks today in 1870. And American architecture in 1989 from China, IM Pei's glass pyramid which is used as make one of 3 entrances.