Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 Pembalap Wanita Sexy

Auto racing is often synonymous with the world of men, while women only sweetener with minimal clothing. But wait, that's the idea that sexist, because in the current era, the drivers do not lose good girls with male race car driver. Imagine the woman who holds the steering wheel controls, mengebutkan vehicle to hundreds of kilometers per hour, weighing speed and cornering with caution.

Here she is the woman who can make the heart excited because of their desperation in the race, and also because of their beauty:

1. Ashley Force Hood

The woman is a racer car Funny Car drag race type of birth California, USA, in 1982 which is a descendant of champion racing driver John Force. During his youth, Ashley has been plunged into the world of car racing and became the first woman to win the race car Funny Car class in 2008. In the racing season in 2009 where he occupied the number two and became the first woman with the highest points in the history of Funny Car. AOL Sports poll of 2007 to place Ashley Force as the Hottest Athlete, beating Tom Brady and Danica Patrick. In January 2011, Ashley announced his leave of absence from the racing world because of being pregnant.

2. Katherine Legge

The woman is a British race car driver born in 1980. He made ​​history in 2005 when he became the second woman to test Formula One racing car after Sarah Fisher in 2002. Unfortunately, his F1 race car accident at that time. In the same year, she became the first woman to test the A1 Grand Prix car with Team England. Katherine also experienced severe accident in 2006 when his car rear wing was broken, but he could get out of the car in a state not injured. Currently, he joined the Deutsche Tourenwagen and Audi race car driving in the IndyCar Series.

3. Sarah Fisher

The woman was a professional racer born in Ohio, USA in 1980. Since the age of 5 years he has been invited to race by his father, and he fell in love with the world of racing at an early age. His lectures at the Department of Mechanical Engineering was forced to leave because he got the call to follow the IndyCar Series race. Various racing titles adorn the walls of his office, even Sports Illustrated magazine to enter his name in the list of Top 10 Female Race Car Drivers in the World in 2007. Later, Fisher is more concentrated on the company's racing team, Sarah Fisher Racing. In 2008, he became only the first female and youngest owner who has a racing team. In 2010, he succeeded in occupying the ninth position in the final Indy 500, which is also the end of his career in the racing world because she decided to retire as a driver at the end of last year.

4. Milka Duno

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1972 is a former model who switched careers a racer at the age of 24 years. In addition to being a model and racing driver, this one woman who has a master's degree in Ship Design, Marine Business, and marine biologist, and even worked as a ship engineer. He holds the record for the highest racing for women drivers in the 24 Hours of Daytona. Several accidents happened, the last is a pileup that makes it had to stop the race because his car upside down on the racecourse. For the year 2011, Milka was contracted by Sheltra Motorsports and in Daytona testing in January, he ranked fifth to seventh fastest in the first day of trial racing.

5. Danica Patrick

She is American-born race car driver in 1982. You could say he is the most frequent female racer to be named by the media. Currently, he followed the race IndyCar Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series. In addition to being a racing driver, he is also a commercial star, model video clip, acting on TV. In 2009 he reached the order of 3 in the Indianapolis 500, which became the highest points achieved by women in racing history. In 2007, he received the highest poll as the sexiest athlete in the list of Victoria's Secret "What Is Sexy" list. In 2006 and 2007, Danica also entered the list of the world's sexiest woman in the list of FHM's 100 sexiest women in the world. Various rumors mention his name could become the first woman to be a F1 racer.