Thursday, April 7, 2011

Americans for Safe Access...DEA raids prompt training course for advocates of Medical Marijuana!


My contacts at - Americans For Safe Access (ASA) - excitedly informed me today that the non-profit organization (fighting for the rights of Medical Marijuana users sanctioned by California voters) are launching bringing a unique training program to the Los Angeles.

This classes are essential basic training for anyone serious about working professionally with patients in the medical cannabis field.

After taking the course successful candidates will attain:

• Increased competency in working with medical cannabis patients
• Intro to patients’ needs & bio-psycho-social health model
• Ability to identify behavioral & social side effects of illness
• Overviews of patient rights & responsibilities under applicable laws
• Practical skills to handle law enforcement encounters
• Excellent overviews of medical cannabis patient history

In view of the recent DEA Raids in Hollywood the past year or two, staff at ASA argue that the legal training being offered up now, is more important than ever.

I reported on the para-military-style raids at the Tattler.

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This ASA certified training is highly participatory, fast moving, and a lot of fun, according to the teachers.

A new section on "Treating the Whole Patient" also builds competency and awareness for students so they may better understand the unique challenges that patients face in daily living through a greater understanding of how physical, psychological, and emotional health conditions affect patient functioning.


Dr. Amanda Reiman
Working with Patient Population

Don Duncan
History Of Medical MJ

Lauren Payne, JD
Legal Training, Know Your Rights


April 9th (2011)
9:30am - 4:30pm

Medical Cannabis Caregivers Directory
50 North Mentor Avenue
Pasadena, CA


Raudel Wilson
Community Liaison Director
Americans For Safe Access

See 'ya there!

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