Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barack Obama...jets into San Francisco! Horns of dilemma!

Once again, President Obama is jetting into the picturesque bay area to lock "horns" with the captains of Industry on the West Coast.

Actually, on the heels of a controversy over the President's reluctance to engage in a little show-and-tell by coughing up his elusive long-form birth certificate - stirred up by irascible White House hopeful Donald Trump - Obama has reiterated once again for the record that he doesn't have any horns!

"And, I became a man in Chicago," he quipped at the podium last week on the heels of the "birthing" issue which was recently resurrected - ironically - during the sacred Easter holiday season.

However, Governor Brewer nixed all that when she got cold feet and vetoed a bill to force the President's claw - er - hand.

Did Brewer back down for political reasons (with an eye to the future) or because she just doesn't have the balls anymore to fight with the big boys on the hill in Washington?

Meanwhile, the President will rub elbows with enterprising Facebook owner - Mark Zuckerberg  - and other technology leaders shortly after he touches down on the tarmac.

The spirited talks - mostly behind-closed-doors - are expected to put the spotlight on Government investments in research and development, education, and clean energy," according to Barack's handlers.

The president is slated to arrive Thursday evening, then fly out of San Francisco International Airport on Friday morning, on a precise no-nonesense time-table.

Will Barack dawdle a moment-or-two at SFO to take a gander at dazzling spanking-new Terminal 2, which was recently transformed into a jet-setter's hop-over paradise?

By the way, the President has invited fascinated voters to get involved virtually - on the Internet this intriguing time-around.

Barack is now utilizing the potent power of the world-wide-web (and its ubiquitous presence) to rustle up - a younger, hipper, more technologically-advanced demographic - which will undoubtedly help him land the election in 2012.

While the White House insists that the President is only trying to reach out to Americans who would not generally turn to traditional media sources for information, Facebook has been exploiting the situation in a sly bold-faced effort to play a major role in President Obama's political campaign next year.

It's good for business, after all.

The heck with the country, eh?

Do you suppose the hornless one owns stock in the popular social hub?

Only the Winklevoss twins - and Mark Zuckerberg - know for sure.

News at 11!


Big Brother gets technologically with-it!