Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Brother..."Open Call" Auditions in San Francisco! Saturday April 16th!

One of night-time televisions's long-time survivors on the reality-show circuit - "Big Brother" - is rolling in to town to cast a wide net for fresh talent to feature on the upcoming season on CBS.

In response, a swarm of excited hopefuls are expected to descend on the "open call" tomorrow in downtown San Francisco to try their luck at landing a coveted spot on the popular highly-rated bill-of-fare.

With that in mind, casting Director Robyn Kass - who has hand-picked sexy contestants for "The Bachelor" and the "Bachelorette" in the recent past - has offered up a handful of tips to ensure the audition process runs smoothly for starry-eyed talents anxious to break into spotlight and roar on to infamey in pop culture.

For starters, Kass urges potential candidates to be at ease while they're on the hot seat.

"Just come in a good mood and talk to us like you're taking to your best friends," she stressed in a recent upbeat interview with the local press.

"There are certain people you are just naturally drawn to. It may be the way they talk, laugh, move, yell, use their hands, express themselves. It's something intriguing about them that makes us want to hear more. There are just certain people out there who are great at capturing our attention,without trying too hard."
In a nutshell?
Don't look desperate, eh?

When it come to the issue of a "look", Kass underscored the importance of dressing sharp.

Don't wear "costumes" in a bold-faced effort to "call attention" to your - um - fantastic personality, though.

If you read between the lines - the message rings out - crystal clear.

Avoid going for "broke' or being too over-the-top!

Ms. Kass stressed that "Big Brother" does not have their eye out for any specific types at the auditions tomorrow.

"Every city we go to we hope to find unique, colorful personalities. We don't have any specific expectations for San Fran, but we do expect everyone to show up with their "A" game."

A final bit of advice to get prepped for the big day?

"Get a good night sleep before hand. If ou look good and feel good your chances will be better. Please come with stories to back up anything you tell us. For example, if you say you are conniving, you better have some stories in your real life to back up why you would say that. Don't just say that just to say it."

Parting words?

"If you're a fan of Big Brother GO FOR IT! Now is your chance."


Break a leg, eh?


Big Brother
Reality Show



(Driver's license or State issued ID)

(one face and one body shot)


Sugar Cafe
679 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA


April 16th


3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Big Brother is watching!