Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chris Klein...chowing down on American Pie! DUI rehab blues?!


Idle hands are the Devil's playground.

In view of that, just maybe Chris Klein's nod to reprise his role in the successful "American Pie" franchis is a blessing in disguise.

Though his career started out promising, the actor's bid for superstardom fell short when the troubled talent got derailed by a couple of DUI's, which forced him to pine on the sidelines in rehab 'til he sobered up.

Post:  06/16/2010


Klein's break in the business was not only typical - but a bit cliche - in many respects.

A hot-shot director saunters into town to scout a location for his upcoming flick - and ends up discovering an unknown actor strolling down the hall - while attending high schoo.

Before you can say - "overnight success" - Klein is being whisked around Tinsel Town in stretch limos and his acting career is about to skyrocket.

Unfortunately, he gets side-lined because of a thirst for the old demon rum!

Typical Hollywood actor's rags-to-riches story, eh?

But, there was one thing that set Klein apart from his contemporaries.

Unlike his competitive acting buddies - the kid from nowhere - is genuine!

When I attended a screening of a couple of flicks Klein starred in at the New Beverly Cinema last year - where he appeared for an insightful Q & A with a couple of luminaries in the industry (Director Jason Reitman and Jennifer Grey) I was struck by that fact right-off-the-bat.

Mr. Klein was down-to-earth and displayed a keen sense of humor.

Pretty hunky, too.

Post: 02/20/2010


But, can he handle meatier roles?

Maybe, but for now he appears to be satisfied chowing down on a piece of humble pie!

Break a leg, Chris!


Reitman busy hand-ons auteur!

Dirty Dancer with great sense of humor!