Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crowned on Hatteras Island

You just never know what’s going to happen.  When I travel, I make the local library a mandatory stop – and they are always a wonderful resource.  But never, ever, have I been crowned a Princess in a library before.  In fact, I’ve never been a princess anyplace.  But everyone should be a princess at least once in their life, even if for a fleeting 15 minutes or so.
So how was I crowned Princess?  It has to do with a non-cooperative printer and beating said printer into submission.  They brought be the “brainiac tierra” and I wore it around, forgetting about it.  Some time later, I went to make copies and realized that the entire line of people waiting at the service counter were looking strangely at me.  I kind of thought that was odd….but didn’t think any more about it until I went to the restroom and realized that I still was wearing by special tierra. 
Anne snapped a photo for posterity.  I did my good deed for the day, and we were off to find our Lost Colonists!