Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elton John...Hosts Saturday Night Live tonight! Leon Russell album collaboration!


When Elton John strolled onto the stage of the Jimmy Fallon show the other night, the reaction from the adoring audience - totally in awe - was heartfelt.

Within minutes of alighting on the podium, fans and guests alike, were on their feet stomping and hollering.

And on the heels of the outpouring of love, there was a standing ovation!

After all, it's not often that a common "Joe" or two - even a quirky talk-show host - weasle their way into the presence of a musical legend like the great Elton John.

In spite all the in-your-face attention, Mr. John (!) was pretty low-key in the aftermath.

And, the celebrated Brit didn't look half-bad in his advancing years, either.

Sir Elton sported a chic well-tailored black suit, which was teamed with an ultramarine dress shirt (open at the collar), with no bling to speak of.

At one point, he treated the audience to an impromptu performance of - "Your Song" - after Fallon determined that was a "favorite" tune he wished he had recorded years ago.

Speaking of albums, Elton is currently in the throes of releasing his 13th LP, which features Leon Russell and T. Bone Burnett (at the helm?).

The collaboration with Russell should come as no surprise to die-hard fans familiar with El's roots (which go way back in the industry).

"The first night I performed in Los Angeles Leon was in the 2nd or third row. I spotted him right away and was nervous. Would he like my material," he wondered to himself.

In fact, the long-haired musical genius was so impressed with Elton, that he took him under his wing and back to New York to perform at the Fillmore, where he was summarily introduced to Bob Dylan.

"Everyone was so great to me when I first arrived in America," the aging Lothario with an eye for good-looking studs fondly recalled.

When Fallon asked how he felt about GLEE featuring his songs on their hit show this past week, he was quick on the uptake, too.

"It is so flattering when people play your music.  I even get excited when I step into an elevator and hear a piece of musak featuring one of my hits."

And, he had a message for up-and-coming bands, who pooh-poohed the notion of having their music showcased on a top-rated comedy-drama like GLEE.

"Lighten up, you as**holes," he screamed at the viewing audience at home, as the audience roared in approval below the footlights.

Is El slowing down a tad?

Just maybe; after all, he confided that he is not one to traipse around town to all the exclusive parties or even try to make "the scene".

"I prefer to stay at home with David (his male lover) and the boys."

Hold on a minute, your naughty folks.

When he says "boys" - the hit-maker doesn't mean "toy-boys" - at all.

No, Sir.

Of course, he is referring to his two adopted sons.

By the way, tonight Sir Elton will be hosting Saturday Night Live, in addition to being the musical guest.

If the promos previewing this past week are any indication, I expect folks should tune in.

The late-night off-the-wall comedy variety show is bound to be a hoot with Elton at the helm!

And, keep your eye out for the documentary on Elton, lensed by Cameron Crowe.


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