Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elton John...insults Queen Elizabeth! Saturday Night Live skit shocking & outrageous!

Of late, there has been a glut of media buzz and wild speculation about every delicious detail of the Royal Wedding - with a big thrust on who wangled coveted invites to William & Kate's much-anticipated upcoming nuptials, which lucky designer was selected to fashion the future Princess's wedding frock, what went down at a stag tossed by Prince Harry, you-name-it.

But, with the spectacular social event of the year on the horizon, one has to seriously wonder if Sir Elton John sought - and got - a nod from the Royals (in particular, Queen E 2) before going out on a shaky limb and jeopardizing his ties with the Wales family by participating in a shockingly tasteless skit which took an unkind jab at Queen Elizabeth last night on Saturday Night Live.

I expect the Queen has a good sense of humor, but - in my humble opinion - the writers (and Sir Elton - who appeared to throw caution and all sense of propriety - to the wind) went too far!

The poorly-written - unfunny sketch - was downright mean-spirited and uncalled for when you consider that the Queen never did anything to deserve such a stinging send-up in a gag that left a stink long after the footlights went down on the NBC stage.

For example, at one point, a comic - gussied up to "look" like a dowdy old Monarch, stood like a common street hooker with a drab colorless frock lifted high on the leg.

'She must be the only Queen who wears Ann Taylor,' quipped back Elton - at which point - Prince Phillip was forced to restrain the Queen as she tried to attack him.

If that wasn't bad enough, the characterization was replete with foul-language, which was startling to hear when it fell on the ears.

At one point, Mr. John went off the deep end when he lamented that the Queen was a 'mean old bitch'.

When the subject of the possibility of crooning - Candle in the Wind - at the after-party, the Queen pooh-poohed the notion.

'You know when I see a Candle in the Wind? When I light my farts," she cackled.

The gracious Queen has never given the impression that she has all the manner of a common truck-driver in all the years I've been following her every move as a loyal member of the Commonwealth (I'm Canadian and we love and support the Royal Family) nor has she ever deserved such a raunchy put-down.

If Elton John's invite to the Royal Wedding is revoked, and he's tossed in the dungeon, I'll be applauding on the sidelines.

Instant Karma "Sir" Elton, just ask Yoko Ono!

And, how was your day?

Classy Queen Elizabeth II deserved better!