Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Escort...Hilarious Hit @ Geffen closes May 8th! Catch it!

It's been a great ride - for the actors and the audiences - even the playright Jane Anderson.

But, that's show biz!

The world-premiere production of the hit stage comedy - The Escort - is slated to close May 8th.

Imagine that, a play about a call girl, who never exposes any seductive flesh under the floodlights!

According to the talented playwrite, the underlying theme has been facilitated in the past for the purposes of expressing lyrical, political, and erotic symbology.

In "The Escort", the writer has orchestrated a relationship featuring a prostitute and her gynecologist in order to challenge long-held beliefs about morality, family, and class.

The opening scene is a shocker!

Charlotte - the main character drops her robe during the course of a monologue - and urges ticket-holders to either relax or take advantage of the shadows to get aroused!

Essentially, the well-crafted play is all about a high-class call girl, who tests the liberal mores of her doctor as their relationship gets personal and complicated.

Strictly taboo!

The cast stars Maggie Siff  as Charlotte (Sons of Anarchy), Polly Draper as Rhona (thirtysomething), James Eckhouse as Howard (90210), and Gabriel Sunday as Lewis/Matthew (My Suicide).

Lisa Peterson directs the show.

"The Escort" has been garnering rave reviews - even from tough critics - I dare say!

“Beautifully staged. Wiill propel heated chat out of the kitchen up into the bedroom, and into the shower the next morning," enthused a critic at Variety.

The Huntington Post also raved.

“A brilliant new work ... provocative, stimulating … destined to live in our minds and hearts for a long, long time.”

Why did Anderson pen "The Escort"?

“I’m pretty conservative in my sexual tastes,” Anderson fessed up.

“That’s why I needed to write the play. Being a liberal woman who grew up in the ’70s, I was part of the sexual revolution and witnessed it. But because I’m monogamous and we also have a 16-year-old son, I can only go so far. I wanted to find out why I was built my way and why other people are able to be very sexually free.”