Monday, April 18, 2011

Funeral gig on Dave Letterman tonight! Electric! Yummy! Attitude!

Although the band's name is Funeral Party, ironically, the toy-boy musicians are anything but stiff when they cut loose on the stage!

Labelled a post-punk dance craze act, understandably, music-lovers around the country are jumping on their bandwagon now that the glare of the spotlight has singled 'em out.

If 'ya caught the "Party" on a the late-night talk show this past week, you'll agree that the kids - who hail from the West Coast in the Golden State - are pretty high-spirited (which is part of their unique appeal).

Their distinctive sound is upbeat and hard-hitting
In a nutshell?


Yummy stage lighting, stylish hip clothes - and ATTITUDE - set them apart.


After an appearance on Dave Letterman tonight, I expect they'll rocket off into the stratosphere, and never look back!
Their beginnings?

Band members - Chad Elliot, James Lawrence Torres, Kimo Kauhola and Tim Madrid - formed the group one starry night after a bit of howling at the moon in a local park.

"We all came from the same shitty town, and you have two choices: grow up and get a job or get out. That's what we tried to do with the band."

Gigs at backyard parties and warehouses on weekends set the musical wheels in motion - triggered a cult image.

It's been a sort-of rags-to-riches tale, when you consider that the aspiring band members had to borrow their equipment from competing bands and siblings!

The band was first signed to Fearless Records, but were shown the door without much explanation.

Now that Funeral Party is on their way to Pop Icon status, I expect there will be a myriad of offers.

Break a guitar tonight on Dave Letterman, eh?

Yummy! Electric! Attitude!