Saturday, April 16, 2011

George single! Download free! Royal's Charitable Gift Fund!


When George Michael isn't stalled at traffic stops stooped over the wheel in a drug stupor, he's usually drumming up tunes in the recording studio for die-hard fans chomping-at-the-bit for whatever scrap of song he's inclined to toss their way.

Tonight, the sexy bad boy of Pop unveiled his latest musical musings, which will benefit a Charitable Gift Fund set up by Prince William - and his blushing bride-to-be - Kate Middleton.
George has invited music-lovers to download the just-released single, with a low-key plea that guests who snap up the generous offer, donate to the Royal couple's humanitarian fund-raising project.

Donation information

The Charitable Gift Fund has been set up to support five causes that are dear to the hearts of the winsome twosome about to trot to the altar at the end of the month amidst a swirl of media frenzy and a throng of well-wishers expected to pack the bustling streets of downtown London two-or-three-feet deep.

"I'm incredibly happy for William, incredibly happy for his partner, and I'm absolutely sure that Diana would have loved the whole thing. I really hope she would have loved this track," Michael gushed.

In contrast to the tired remake Elton John offered up at Lady Diana's funeral (the Pop Star raised eyebrows when he dedicated a flat rendition of a song he originally wrote for Marilyn Monroe) Michael has offered up a heartfelt soulful ballad in the romantic vein that touches.

As they say at Facebook:



On the Piers Morgan talk show tonight, George Michael appeared to be relaxed and at ease, and downright comfortable in his skin.

I laughed when I spied the horn-rimmed glasses on the end of his pretty snoz, though.

I wear a pair of specs that are similarly-styled.

But, when I am out at a cafe - or strolling down the street and catch sight of potential date heading in my direction - I quickly slip off the old-fashioned eyewear.


If the lyrics ring true, just maybe, George has stumbled on true love for once in his long-suffering troubled life, eh?

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