Monday, April 18, 2011


Tonight was a very unique experience.  Every dig has to have lighthearted moments.  This one is no exception, and tonight we had a wonderfully fun adventure.
We went on a ghosthunt with a ghosthunter.  I can’t tell you exactly where, but suffice it to say that it is a historic building with a history of high drama involving life and death.  

Our ghosthunter provided various types of sensor equipment, some that detected motion with a laser beam, some that detected electromagnetic signals, some that detected audio and cameras.  We had a significant amount of technical issues with the electrical equipment, which the hunter said was not unusual if there are ghosts present.
We spend a couple of hours at the site, doing various things, taking measurements and photos, and the outcome was that perhaps there are ghosts resident there. 
They have been reported in the past.  Lights on in an unoccupied building and “people” sighted looking out of the windows in the top level of the building.  This building has been entirely unoccupied, abandoned, for some time. 
Regardless of whether there are ghosts who live there or not, it was a fun evening on Hatteras Island for our merry band of Lost Colony seekers, Angel Roller, Anne Poole, Dawn Taylor and Nancy Frey.

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