Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodwill...sells broken IBM computers & rips-off consumers! Mandysa Lyons ignores complaints! Store fudges on legal responsibilities!

Bad will previals at rip-off charity in San Francisco!

If you're in the market for a computer, and on a budget, don't bother to stroll into  a "Goodwill" outlet looking for a bargain.

For good reason!

The charity is known to sell broken IBM Think Pads to unsuspecting victims

Ironically, Goodwill employees distribute a business card with the following outlandish slogan printed in bold-face on the front:

"We create solutions to poverty through the Business we operate."


The only opportunity they provide is a deceitful scam that enables employees to rip-off poor innocent consumers!

Just this weekend, for example, one customer snapped up a laptop for $225.00, returned home, and right-off-the-bat was embroiled in endless hard drive problems that he was unable to resolve.

Also, the customer noticed (after stopping for a lunch break to gobble up some finger food) that there were traces of unknown "chemicals" on his fingertips after typing on the keyboard for a few hours.


But, because of a so-called Goodwill "policy" promised at the point of sale,the consumer was not inclined to worry.

All the shopper had to do on his end was promptly take back the merchandise with the receipt, right?

After all, Goodwill promises a thirty-day money-back guarantee.


When the hapless customer trotted back to the outlet at 1500 Mission Street in downtown San Francisco, he not only got the run-around, but the dishonest staff tried to foist another useless piece of "junk" on him.

But, second-time-around the shopper wised up.

Before exiting the store with the iffy exchange, the once-burned (twice-shy) customer requested that the technician flip open the laptop and rev it up.


The second IBM Think Pad (on sale for $225) was also a lemon.

The welcome page splashed to life, then - the dusty screen - went black.

Embarrassed, the Goodwill technician tried to shrug off the obvious.

The charity is is trying to sell broken-down computers to customers for a hefty profit.

And now, the Goodwill supporter was faced with a dilemma.

The Manager refused to give cash back in spite of the fact their computers were obviously not up to snuff or worth the asking price.

And, to the amazement of the customer - the Manager never even showed any remorse - whatsoever.

Without blinking-an-eye, she gruffly issued a credit for the $225, and informed the disgruntled customer that they would have to wait until a new shipment of PC's were delivered to the outlet at Van Ness and Mission Street in downtown San Francisco.

When the customer pointed out they were behind in their work schedule, and needed a computer right away, she barked back at the customer that they were essentially SOL.

So, the victim strode off to the Corporate Office next door to complain, where he summarily got the run-around there, too.

For example, when an employee put in a call to the Manager of the complaint department (a woman by the name of Mandysa Lyons) she was nowhere to be found!

How convenient!

In spite of promises that a call would be returned that afternoon, the Goodwill staffer has - thus far - failed to follow through.

Meanwhile, no one in the Corporate Office has lent a sympathetic ear, or offered up any constructive advice to make ammends.

Does that sound like "GOOD WILL" to you?

Notwithstanding, it should be noted that In their advertisements, Goodwill boasts that they are working together with other organizations in the neighborhood (Planet Green, for instance) to raise awareness about the positive impact donations make.

Yeah, it is pretty profitable to stock a broken computer on the shelf for free, then sell it to an unsuspecting consumer for $225.00 without guilt or shame.

What a scam, eh?

As the customer started to head out the door, he really got angry when he spied Goodwill's latest slick advert on a side-counter with a caption that screamed out at him:

"What fab Goodwill finds have you discovered today?"

The customer just about went berserk.

Talk about false, misleading, and erroneous advertising!

Goodwill is just another outrageous corporate rip-off , which passes itself off as a charitable organization - when, in fact - the second-hand-shop doesn't care about the community or its impoverished customers.

It's all about Corporate "greed"!

I say avoid Goodwill like the plague.

The employees are a bunch of scam artists at-the-ready to taking advantage of the disadvantage without conscience or any sense of morality.


Goodwill staff don't care about customers!