Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hackers...Epsilon security breach @ Banking Institutions! Plays havoc with computers!

Nasty intruders tripped up my blog reports!

The other night when a news alert flashed across the airwaves on the networks about a security breach at major financial institutions (Epsilon) around the country, I didn't give the issue too much thought.

For the most part, I do not bank "online", or risk compromising my computer by opening up any unsolicited e-mails.

But, the hackers got me, nonetheless.

As it turns out, I clicked on a communication from one financial institution I have an account with - at which point - a shit-load of computer glitches descended on me.

For hours, I struggled to get my PC up-and-running, but not without a lot of hair-pulling, and cussing, and what-have you.

I was particularly annoyed when a report on a couple of blog posts - info on the "Season Opener" for the Giants, for instance - ended up with incorrect factual information being published.

When I attempted to go back, edit, and correct the snafus - however - I was denied access to the dashboard on the blogspot web site.

Needless to say, a couple of glaring mistakes remained posted all day, which left me looking-the-fool (to say the least!).

Just now, at the witching hour, I have managed to access the site - update the information - and go to bed satisfied with a job well done.

Like the Giants, I may be a Champion in many respects, but I am not  perfect.

Hang in there with me, it gets better!

See 'ya!

Go! Giants! Go!