Thursday, April 14, 2011

HAIR...returns to Broadway July 5th! Gerome Ragni rock musical timeless in appeal!


HAIR, the entertaining rock musical hit - authored by good friend Gerome Ragni - is going to land at the St. James Theatre in New York once it wraps up a National Tour in the next few months.

As I noted in a prior post - Ragni was anxious to cast me in the Toronto production - which was unveiled in all its joyous glory at the Alexandria Theatre at the tail-end of the heady 60's.

Just a few weeks ago, I trotted down to the Pantages Theatre to catch the latest raucous stage revival, which hasn't lost any of its appeal over the years.

Post: 01/21/2011

The tie-dyed celebration of life will open July 5th and run for 10 weeks 'til September 10th.

The Broadway encore will feature a celebrated mix of cast members from the 2009 revival (with Darius Nichols as Hud and Kacie Sheik as Jeanie) in addition to talented performers from the tour such as the ever-popular Steel Burkhardt (Berger), Paris Remillard (Claude), and Caren Lyn Tackett (Sheila) who pranced on the boards in the pre-Broadway run of the Central Park Revival (2008).

My "Body" is walking in space, alright!


Catch the Broadway launch - a must-see musical extravaganza - just betcha!

See 'ya there!

The naughty sexy tribe!