Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jack Kerouac..."Beat Atlas" chronicles author's haunts! San Francisco library event!

Fans of Jack Kerouac have probably taken a trek around North Beach to retrace the footsteps of one of the beat generation’s most celebrated personalities.

The author of “On the Road” – yet to be adapted for the big screen - kicked around San Francisco’s bohemian artsy-fartsy neighborhood on the edge of Chinatown with pals like legendary poet Allen Ginsberg (Howl) during the heady days of his sky-rocketing fame in literary circles.

Today, the Jack Kerouac Museum on Broadway, exalts the writer to cult status by virtue of its extensive collection of memorabilia and a bevy of publications - great and small in stature - which have painstakingly chronicled every fascinating chapter of his life in minute detail.

Although the territory has been fairly well-documented to date, Kerouac fans may be interested in attending an upcoming event slated for April 26th at the Main Library in downtown San Francisco

Author Bill Morgan will discuss his latest book the - “Beat Atlas” - which takes a state-by-state look at the haunts Jack Kerouac and his buddies frequented on their infamous trek across the country which was subject matter for Kerouac’s notorious best-seller.

For example, Morgan not only reveals the park where Kerouac hiked in “Dharma Bums”, but also tosses the spotlight on the location where Ginsberg first read his controversial poem which landed him in court on obscenity charges.

Readers of the Tattler may recall that I penned a post on Kerouac, Ginsberg - and their merry gang of followers (poets, artists, political activists) - on a prior trip to San Francisco.

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Whether Mr. Morgan manages to turn up anything delicious intriguing (or enlightening insightful) tidbits to gobble up – at this juncture – remains to be seen.

If not, he may have to re-title his tome, the “Road Well Travelled”!

But, I applaud the ballsy effort, nonetheless!