Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jasmine, Sweet Jasmine

by Roberta Estes

One thing I love about new places is their flora and fauna, especially when it’s blooming.  Yesterday, while walking near a dig pit, I noticed several yellow flowers on the ground.  This was in a forested area.  There were no yellow flowers nearby, so I looked around and finally, up, to find a canopy of Jasmine overhead.
Its sweet smell was also wafting through the forest, an unexpected delight.  In Michigan, we don’t have climbing flowering vines, except for trumpet vine, so Jasmine was something I had never experienced before.  Jasmine climbs to the top of the highest trees and then flowers at the very top in the sun.  This makes it rather difficult to photograph.  However, I found a tree with a decent “view” to the top, as this area is rather canopied, and took a few photos that I’d love to share with you.

Editor's note:
These photos can be viewed at high resolution by clicking on the image, then clicking again on the resultant image. Enjoy!

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