Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Kinnekeet Bible

Hubert Price was a genealogist and researcher who passed away some years ago.  His collective works have come to be known as the Kinnekeet Bible.  Not only did he document the early families, with sources, he also provided extracted data from early sources that he could not necessarily tie to the early families.  In some cases, he was able to make the link.
His notes are chock full of interesting information.
Old Albemarle Precinct was the first part of North Carolina settled by Europeans.  Aside from the Native people, who had always lived here, the first settlers arrived from Virginia and then slowly made their way down the coast.  Price extracted this data from microfilm and his notes say “deeds to or from in Pasquotank County 1700-1747.  Camden made from Pasquotank about 1870.”
Volume A 1700-1747
Page 72 1746 - Patrick Quidley
Page 74 1716 - William Gray
Page 149 1716 – Mary Scarborough
Page 225 1719 – John, Mary and Augustine Scarborough
Page 500 1727 – John Scarborough
Page 166 1716 – Matthew Midgett
Page 191 1718 – George Whidbey
Page 324 1720 – Christopher Williams
Page 488 1727 – Edward Williams
Page 408 1725 – Thomas Miller
Page 50 1752 – James Williams
Page 491 1758 – Joseph Williams
Page 35 no year – William Williams to Joseph Williams – NE side Pasquotank river near Sawyers Creek
Page 49 no year – James Williams to son and daughters
Page 235 1757 – Augustine Scarborough
Volume B 1759-1762
Page 46 1727 – Joseph Williams
Page 101 1750 – Augustine Scarborough
Page 120 1750 – Joseph Williams
Page 240 no year – Augustine Scarborough
Volume C 1750-1761
Page 420 no year – Joshua Gray
Volume D 1761-1764
Page 4 no year – Austin Scarborough
Page 298 no year – Joseph Williams
His further notes are:
Perquiman County
Mcrora (?) Scarborough
Abra Jennett
William Price
Pasquotank County
James Williams
Richard Gray
Robert Barnett
Currituck County
Mich. (Michael) Oneal
Thomas Oneal
John Neal
Zediah Farrow
Jacob Farrow
Evan Miller
Willis Miller

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