Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lady Gaga..."Judas" confession leaked on web! Sure to be a bullet rife with controversy!


With Easter upon us and Lady Gaga's latest single "Judas" about to be released world-wide on April 19th - a controversy is sure to erupt - in the aftermath.

Well - in the Western World - for starters!

Will the Vatican denounce the Pop Diva - who just may be a nice little Catholic girl under all the pushed-up bras, net stockings, and frenzied hoopla and hype - once the accompanying Video rocks the airwaves later in the week?

Not surprisingly, "Judas" has already made its way onto the web, just shy of  the official release.

A ploy by "L" to rev up buzz - or just an honest-to-goodness case of Internet pirating by enterprising monsters out to push their Pop Diva into the stratosphere - and roaring glare of the spotlight once again just in time for a change of season?

As we used to say in the "old" days, spring time is our time, eh?

At press time, Interscope Records hasn't uttered a peep in response.

However, the Diva's throaty vocals, say it all.

"Ohhh, I'm in love with Judas," she gushes on the track, which is accompanied by building synths.

Soon a thumping electronic beat kicks in as Gaga sings:

"Judahhh/ Juda-a-ah/ Gaga."

The signature bump and grind is reminiscent of "Bad Romance."

Meanwhile, MTV spouts that "Judas" is simply Gaga’s version of the Bible.

A confession?

"Let the cultural baptism begin," Gaga giggle recently in a Video release at Gagavision.

 "If they were not who you were taught they would be, would you still believe?"

As the Emperor would say in "Amadeus".

"There you have it, then!"


Pop Diva hit monster!