Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Las Vegas Justice Court...Violates Defendant rights! In conspiracy with Nevada Highway Patrol & NCO Financial Services!

The Las Vegas Justice Hall is in cahoots with the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Las Vegas Police Department, and NCO Financial Services.

The end result?

Defendant's rights are being violated daily at the Las Vegas Justice Hall - in downtown Las Vegas (Nevada) - for starters!

Notwithstanding, the Las Vegas Justice Hall has has also engaged in a outright conspiracy - with the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Las Vegas Police Department, and NCO Financial Services - in a deceitful illegal ploy to coerce unsuspecting (innocent) defendants into paying hefty fines (oftentimes not due) under the threat of prosectution.

To carry out the sinister shake-down - corrupt Judges and kow-towing employees in adminstration at the Las Vegas Justice Hall - have willfully and wrongfully denied defendants "Notice of Hearing" and the legal right to appear and argue a defense.

In sum, defendants have been denied their constitutional right to due process at the hands of rogue Law Enforcement Officers, immoral corrupt Judges, and dishonest administrative employees on the take at the Las Vegas Justice Hall.

Tattler readers may recall that I previously posted an expose on the Nevada Highway Patrol, in which I tossed a searing spotlight on the misconduct of State Troopers like Officer Del Padre (who routinely engages in illegal stops and harasses innocent motorists without provocation) and two of his superiors - Sergeant Charlex Haycox and Captain Tony Almaraz - who participated in a conspiracy to cover-up abuses under the color of authority and advance a bold-faced deceitful effort to mitigate Nevada Highway Patrol's liablity for damages.

Post:  07/05/2010


Currently, there is a Tort Claim against Del Padre and the Nevada Highway Patrol, which seeks recovery of damages to compensate the injured parties for damages sustained during the course of the nefarious conduct and arising from the conspiracy to cover up the facts thereafter.

In the aftermath, I determined from evidence on file at the courthouse, that the Las Vegas Justice Court - not only hired disreputable collection agents to harass and threaten defendants - but also - enaged in a conspiracy to coerce defendants into coughing up exhorbitant fees and penalties without benefit of legal recourse which was their inalienable right under the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and pursuant to applicable State and Federal Statues.

In addition - Judges, employees of the Las Vegas Justice Hall, and their agents - NCO Financial Services - willfully stepped "over-the-line"(and broke the law) when they refused to follow the dictates of the Fair Credit Reporting Act - and in the process - denied consumer rights.

For example, defendants were not given proper notice of pending legal actions, or apprised of their rights.

Consequently, warrants were issued, and alleged fees and penalties due were reported in a cavalier illegal manner to three major credit reporting agencies which hurt their names, reputations, and credit worthiness in the community-at-large.

On the heels of these despicable illegal acts, the agents of the Las Vegas Justice Hall, proceeded to threaten and harass the defendants and peristed with illegal conduct in violation of their rights.

For the record, it should be noted that NCO Financial Services is a disreputable debt collection agency, that has not only been investigated in the past by the Government authorities for wrongdoing - but on the heels of the probe - ended up being slapped with staggering fines (levied by the Federal Trade Commission) to the whopping tune of $1.5 million.

By their mere assocation with NCO Financial Service, it appears that the Las Vegas Justice Hall condones their despicable illegal wrongful acts - and thus - have blood on their hands in the final analysis.

For the foregoing reasons, at least one wronged party has lodged a formal complaint with the FBI with a demand for a full investigation with the ultimate aim of prosecution to deter such reprehensible conduct (and willful violation of consumer rights) in the future.

In response, the Nevada Highway Patrol has chosen to remain silent, in a dishonest self-serving ploy to mitigate their damages.

How long will the cesspool of corruption continue at the Las Vegas Justice Hall?

Stay posted for updates!


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