Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laura Linney...perfect for role of Socialite! Scandals of Privileged Few!

Last week I raved about the production of "Upstairs Downstairs" which was broadcast on PBS on Masterpiece Classics.

One of my favorite actresses - Laura Linney (Tales of the City) - took on the role of gracious host and introduced the much-ballyhooed high-brow potboiler.

As Ms. Linney was offering up a brief synopsis of the well-crafted mini-series (adapted from a Jane Austin novel) it suddenly hit me like a thunderbolt.

The charismatic beauty was the perfect actress to play the juicy role of - Candace Whitney - one of the main characters in my first novel -"Scandals of the Privileged Few - which I am currently serializing on the Tattler each week.


If I ever get funding - and an offer to produce the project - Ms. Linney has first dibs!

News at 11!

Upstairs Downstairs