Monday, April 4, 2011

Lauren Hutton... ghastly aging skin! Slick ad not so!

Lauren's infamous gap!

I recoiled in horror the other day when I caught sight of a slick advert for a product top model Lauren Hutton was plugging (for big bucks).

Although, the handlers for the fashion industry Icon enlisted the top-notch skills of a professional make-up artist to flawlessly accent the legendary beauty’s distinctive features, there was one ghastly oversight!

The back of Ms. Hutton’s hands were overlooked!

Consequently, under the glare of the spotlight, unsightly dry skin and liver spots drew attention to the once-stunning model’s dry aging skin.

You know what they say!

It’s all in the details.

Or, is Lauren auditioning for the role of lounge lizard?

Here, the stylists – and account executives – fell short.

Will Hutton forget to insert her “fake tooth” (crafted to conceal a goofy gap up front) on the next shoot?

The middle-aged celeb's most notable role on the silver screen was in the feature - "American Gigolo" - where she starred opposite (and held her own with) Richard Gere.

Stay posted!

Richard tries hand at oldest profession!
Gere introduced new work-out trend!
(anti-gravity boots)