Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books...Rainn Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Patrick Oswalt to appear!

Book lovers are gearing up for another fantastic year at the annual Festival of Books sponsored by the local Los Angeles Times.

But, before they trot off, they'd better take note that the much-anticipated event - which attracts thousands of book worms each year - has switched venues.


A few celebrities such as - health guru Jamie Lee Curtis, actor Rainn Wilson, comic Patrick Oswalt, and rocker Pattie Smith (to name a few) - are also scheduled to push pet projects near-and-dear to their hearts and toss meet-and-greets with a fan or two as well.

I met Rainn on the red carpet of the premiere of his hilarious comedy - The Rocker - over a year ago in Las Vegas and he does not disappoint. 

He's quick on the uptake, alright!

Patrick Oswalt, who hosted a Film Fest at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood in recent years, is also a fine comic who has the ability to crack folks up with rapid-fire jokes without much effort.

The Nation's largest Literary Fest (admission is free) opted for a change of scenery this year - and moved the whole dang kit 'n kaboodle - to the University of Spoiled Children (USC).

That other University - where the popular fest was previously held in recent years - must be hot under the collar for losing the popular gig, eh?

As usual, though, enthusiasts of the written word, families of-all-sexual-persuasions - and Angelenos from all walks-of-life - will be exploring the extensive offerings with wonder once again when the end of the month rolls around on campus.

In addition to the reams of publications that will be on the shelves (and ready to be snapped up), the two-day event will be sprinkled with celebrity appearances, live stage music, practical (and exotic) cooking demonstrations, book signings and insightful and informative Q & A's.

Seven outdoor stages are slated to be erected in the center of USC's campus to accommodate the guest artists, their adoring fans, and Joe Public.

Program highlights include the Target Children's Stage ( with Mo Willems, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mallory Lewis and Lambchop, The Okee Dokee Brothers and R.L.Stine), the Cooking Stage (featuring Duff Goldman from "Ace of Cakes" and master chef Thomas Keller), the YA stage (graced with young luminaries such as Gayle Forman, Judy M. Blundell and D.J. McHale), and The Times editorial staff (who will be involved in hands-on discussions sporadically throughout the weekend on the Los Angeles Times Stage and Pavilion).


1-800-LA-TIMES, ext. 7BOOK

Attendees must secure tickets beforehand to attend panel discussions and lectures due to limited seating.

Writer's workshop tickets and $30 panel passes will be available on a first-come first-serve basis on April 11th (Monday) at 9 a.m.

Individual panel tickets will be available on April 24th (Sunday) for a nominal fee.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is presented in association with USC, presenting sponsor Target, major sponsors Buick and GMC and official ticketing provider Eventbrite.

See 'ya there!