Thursday, April 7, 2011

McDonald's...hiring rude non-English speaking employees! Incompetent servers unfamiliar with Company Policy!

We pledge to insult and mistreat White Americans!

If you're looking for service with a smile - or expecting to be treated with some dignity and respect when you stroll into a restaurant for a meal - avoid McDonald's like the plague.

Used to be, there was a time in America when an individual's daily routine included a jaunt into the fast-food outlet for an egg McMuffin and a cup of java - before heading off to the office.

Now, consumers are turning away in droves (as studio movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn would say), because of questionable hiring practices at McDonald's designed to cut costs and garner bigger profits for the industry giant.

For instance, the company is hiring a multitude of uneducated poorly-trained immigrant workers - who speak little or no English - to wait on their once-loyal customer base.

Unfortunately, McDonald's staff have only been lightly trained to punch in orders on a cash register, and turn over change that has been computer generated.

For starters, that cause problems for hungry customers, who may encounter complaint issues that need to be addressed during the course of the meal.
If a problem arises over an order, for example - nine times out-of-ten - the counter server will not be able to converse in English with the individual intelligently (let alone resolve the complaint at hand).

In response, Latino workers tend to stand awkwardly on the spot with a blank stare on their face, trying to conceal their lack of English skills and their inability to fathom a resolution to a complaint issue.

The fact that the food is always cold and tasteless doesn't even enter the question at this point.

In addition to these glaring problems, last year I began to also notice a prevailing bad attitude among employees at McDonald's, which I originally chalked up to cultural differences.

However, when the Arizona controversies arose last year over a bold-faced effort by politicians to implement laws to stem the tide of  illegal immigrants, it was determined that Latinos were being taught in schools (with U.S. taxpayer monies) that middle-class white folks were not only the enemy (not to be trusted) but also responsible for their alleged oppression on these shores!

Many Mexicans take the position that California was once their land and that U.S. forces "stole" the state from their forefathers!

After that revelation, I trotted into McDonald's less frequently in the future, especially at the outlets where a larger percentage of the workers were disgruntled Latinos prone to mistreat white Americans.

The situation at McDonald's has progressed from bad to worse, I am sorry to say.

For instance, today - when an elderly Caucasian citizen waltzed up to the counter to ask for a refill - the Latino server rudely informed the older man that McDonald's no longer gave a second cup to individuals who purchased a coffee under the "Senior Coffee" discount offered up since the fast-food started up years ago.


This retired individual was being penalized for being a Senior!

Forget about any contributions the elderly may have made to society over the years.

Well, that appears to be the way Latino workers view the situation, anyway.

On another occasion, when a customer did not receive a newspaper they paid for at the counter with their meal, a second employee filling out the orders was unable to respond to the individual's demand for their San Francisco Chronicle because their English was so limited they didn't know what a "newspaper" was!

Imagine that!

The disgruntled patron was forced to call upon a supervisor to deliver it up!

McDonald's has fast-become a National joke!

The worst offenders are the outlets in the downtown financial district in San Francisco and in Las Vegas on the strip.

For good reason, I am now boycotting the company to underscore my disapproval over the way they are running their company, which discriminates against decent white folks.

News at 11!