Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monster drink for what ails 'ya! Hip container signals trend!

I was strolling down the street today, when I spied a couple of dudes on the back of a pick-up truck (which looked like it was pumped up on steroids) handing out free samples of Monster Light.

If you’re unfamiliar with the thirst-quencher, it is considered to be an energy drink which packs quite a wallop.

Unlike most “sodas” and “juices” which relegate the ingredients to small type on a less noticeable part of the trendy-looking container, Monster light screams out the exotic contents around the top rim of the disposable can.

Maurine! L-Carnitine! B Vitamins! Ginseng!

For those who are health conscious, and quick to gulp down muscle-building body-boosters and electrolyte replenishers, the ingredients are inviting when it comes to a delicious pick-me-up.

But, the differences in packaging does not end there.

No, Sir!

Shortly after I took a respite from it all, and plunked myself down on a retaining wall at Union Square to take a refreshing sip amidst a flock of excited tourists, I noticed the nifty fastener unique to the product right-off-the-bat.

Instead of having to snap up a tricky metal ring to get at the contents (and break a nail in the process), consumers need only remove a seal, then twist a plastic gizmo to one side to open up the lid.


If the drinker opts not to chug-a-lug all the contents in one fell swoop, they need only twist the cap back into the first position, to save the tasty drink for later.

Or, use the container to bottle water or juice (or what-have-you) in the refrigerator for later.

But, it is the hilarious blurb promoting the popular-selling product on the side of the decorated can, that is really a hoot.

In the disclosure, the makers delightfully note all their delicious intentions in a pleasing scroll on the side.

“Looks like Monster Imports is a big hit since we can’t make enough at our plant in Holland and have now started up production in scenic Cold Springs Minnesota to meet demand."

"Our Taurus competition covets the cool re-sealable can, but won’t get it anytime soon since we bought the entire European supply.”


“Now the gym rats (moi?) and calorie counters at HQ are on our case to make a low calorie version so they can imbibe fashionably and guilt free."

"To keep the peace, we worked overtime on Monster Light, with its own unique flavor of only 25 calories per serving and enough of our Monster energy blend to get the job done.”

“If you’re down on calories and carbs but still crave that infamous Import Buzz and cool Euro can."

"Grab it!"

"Import Light. It’ll do you right"

You betcha!

I’m hooked!

Too bad it’s carbonated, eh?

But, bottom line, that’s what give it the kick, eh?

An energy drink to meet the challenge of steep hills!
(San Francisco full-tilt boogie)