Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moody Blues...heady band from 60's still rocks! Special entertains!

On an off-night, I was channel-surfing, when I stumbled on a live stage performance by the Moody Blues on a cable network.

Within minutes - the distinctive strains of their beautifully orchestrated hits of yesteryear (spacey far-out compositions that are conducive to astral-travelling) - triggered nostalgic memories of my carefree bohemian days in the heady 60’s and 70’s.

Imagine that!

The seasoned heavyweights are still touring the country – and wowing fans – at sold-out houses on the concert circuit.

In spite of the fact the PBS broadcast was essentially a bare bones gig – stripped down to the essentials without the benefit of seductive sound effects or studio sweetening – the set was surprisingly vibrant and lyrical.

In fact, when two dueling guitars (one electric, the other acoustic) dove-tailed (or ran interference with each other by virtue of a bit of controlled-clashing) the effect was dazzling.


The Moody Blues succeeded in elevating their musical yearnings to awesome transformative ground-breaking heights.

The distinctive – reflective poetic musings of their youth – still resonate with fans and music-lovers alike.

Unlike a handful of their amazing contemporaries, they may be ripe for a come-back, alright!

In that event, I expect a posse of die-hard fans will be at-the-ready to slap on a platter, pop a hit of acid, and float off into space courtesy of the uplifting musical wizardry of the Moody Blues!

Favorite hit?

"Nights in White Satin", of course!


What a trip, dude!