Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Land...pretty Pop flavor appears @ trendy Cafe Du Nord! San Francisco! April 13th!


Oh Land, the pretty bombshell Pop Singer making waves around the country with her hit dance tune -"Son of a Gun" - is sashaying into San Francisco to open for "Francis and Lights" at the Cafe Du Nord on Wednesday Night (April 13th).

Readers at the Tattler may recall that I posted a review of her live! Stage Performance which I caught at The Abbey in WeHo a few weeks ago.

Post:  02/14/2011


Since then, as predicted, the Danish lovely - with oodles of talent and charisma to boot - has been trotted out to perform for gushing audiences on the Late Night talk-show circuit (Dave Letterman, for example).

Oh Land - while thrilled with the attention - remains down-to-earth and realistic.

"So, already at 10,  I was aware that I could be replaced by somebody else at any time. I definitely grew up with a number on my belly," she confided to a reporter at the San Francisco Examiner.

"Because at Ballet school (which she vigorously attended in her youth), half of the ones they took in each year were thrown out the next, and you would get a letter each year, telling you if you could continue or not. It was quite horrible," she recalled in horror.

And, you thought the Black Swan (Natalie Portman) had it bad!

Now, in the realms of the Pop spotlight, does she have to worry about being just a flavor of the month?

News at 11!


Cafe Du Nord
2170 Market Street
San Francisco, CA


9:30 p.m.







See 'ya there!

Pop Flavor takes off!