Monday, April 11, 2011

Olivia Somerlyn...Pop Singer a fresh-faced beauty! San Francisco talent!

16 year old Olivia Somerlyn has been causing a buzz on the Internet with a couple of her singles.

I expect that one day, as Olivia rises to the pinnacle of success in the music industry, she'll  be a much-sought-after Pop Icon influencing up-and-coming talent around the country, too.

You go, girl!

Ms. Somerlyn is attending high school - while residing in the picturesque San Francisco Bay area - balancing music and homework.

One of my contacts at a record company in Eagle Rock turned me on to Olivia's fresh look pictured above!

The catchy tunes she sings from the heart are nothing to sniff at, either!

"I'm inspired by the creative process of songwriting, and I'm passionate about telling stories through music, so I'll always make the time," cooed the young pop beauty.

In addition to composing her own music, the multi-talented teen also plays the guitar and piano with great ease.

Like any burgeoning visionary artist, there have been a handful of cool influences in the creative arena that have influenced her style.

"I'm mostly inspired by personal experiences and small pieces of sounds I come across from many different artists rather than the work of a few specific artists," she confided recently in the glare of the spotlight.

In particular, perky Olivia thrives on the passionate love stories of  Taylor Swift, the musicianship of Nick Jonas, and the individuality of Lady Gaga.

"There are so many amazing young artists that I'm influenced by in all different ways," she gushes, almost as an afterthought.

With that in mind, check out three of her singles:

*I'm Just Fine
*Only in the Movies
*Not your Girl

Stylish, too!