Friday, April 1, 2011

Prince William...stag party a military operation! Shy Royal sips tea from souvenir mug!


The normally press-shy Prince William sat casually with a reporter this morning and fielded questions on a myriad of topics much to the surprise of Royal-watchers far-and-wide.

Perhaps - it was the well-received highly-publicized interview featuring a down-to-earth Prince Harry on Network television in recent days - that inspired "Wills" to let down his guard and open up to the insatiable prying press at-long-last.

Who knows?

If anything, the Prince turned out to be quite "common", in some respects.

I mean that in a flattering way, of course.

For the most part, the future King was pretty forthcoming with his carefully-uttered responses, for example.

In fact, in one curious instance, Prince William confirmed that there was a sort-of "cat & mouse" aspect to his relationship with the tabloid gossip rags (although he may not have realized at the time that such a revelation was being offered up in a round-about way).


The Prince admitted that a stag party was not only orchestrated by bro Prince Harry - but was actually tossed this past weekend at a friend's Estate in the country - without anyone being the wiser.

"Yeah, we outfoxed the press," Wills jubilantly informed the interviewer.

And, he proceeded to describe the clandestine event this way.

"It was kind-of-like a military operation," he joked.

The Prince sat casually in uniform with a ubiquitous helicopter framing his solid masculine frame in the background.
Even so, he downplayed his ability to maneuvere the craft, and shrugged off the suggestion that he was a skilled pilot, too.

Modest dude, eh?

If you're not up on the scuttlebutt, you may be surprised to hear that Kate & William reside on an Estate close to the remote base, which suits the couple fine.

Today - Prince Willliam was expecting his grandmother (Queen E 2) to trot by - and take a tour of her son's "workplace".

It's doubtful there will be any bottles of champagne ceremoniously christening any of the fleet's ships, though.


Prince William views his position as a soldier as - "just a job" - as does his younger brother Harry.

Kate's fiancee displayed quite a keen sense of humor, too, when unfielded questions came his way.

For example, he sheepishly admitted that fellow soldiers coughed up the funds to purchase a souvenir mug - which is etched with his and Kate's images on its face - which he cheekily sips tea out of daily.


Because he's a good sport, after all.

A hand-made pillow was also crafted for his princely head.

So, in this instant case, William may not have to worry about an old familiar phrase that has haunted Monarchs for centuries.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the Crown!"

Prince William doesn't plan to wear a wedding ring, by the way.

Apparently, the simple band is usually crafted from Welsh gold, which is scarce these days.

He was quick to note that Kate may sport one on her dainty finger, however.

Perhaps he might consider stringing a wedding band through a chain on his neck alongside his dog tags?

News at 11!

Prince William sips tea out of similar mug!