Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robert Pattinson...puts bite on Kristen Stewart! "Promise Ring" a stunner!


The fairty-tale romance of Wills & Kate - and the much-anticipated upcoming Royal Wedding - has stirred up passionate pangs in young Lotharios around the globe.

Was that what inspired Robert Pattinson to put the bite on Kristen Stewart last night at the premiere of the hunky Brit's new flick "Water For Elephants"?

According to the paparazzi, Robert and Kristen - not only dove into a waiting limousine together after the screening - but were spied falling into each other's arms for a bit of heavy kanoodling!

Was Kristen simply rewarding Robert for giving it the old College try?

For his acting - in the new feature-length release - silly!

No doubt Pattinson's intentions are nothing short of honorable, though, when you consider this week's latest tabloid fodder.

Allegedly, the popular hearththrob - who broke into the stratosphere big time in the "Twilight" vampire franchise - wowed his pretty Miss with a pricey sparkler as a "promise" to follow through on his unwavering romantic intentions.

The sexy suitor surprised Kristen with rose-gold bling - studded with dazzling diamonds - which set Pattinson back a whopping $17,000.00.

A handler, who chose to remain anonymous, whispered on the sidelines that not only is Robert a mature young man with sincere intentions - but also, a Vampire - once-on-the-prowl and now ready to settle down with a special lady.

Is a trot down the aisle in Kristen's future?

Or, do Robert & Kristen intend to make a mad dash to City Hall - out-of-the-blue - to make it official before the prying press can catch wind of the intensifying relationship?

News at 11!