Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding..Fuss over Kate's Gown! Oldfield design? Not! Prince William ready to trot!


Prince William to sport Military Uniform featuring red tunic!
(though formal morning coat suits future King)

Though the frenzied press is still knocking on doors - in a sly bold-faced effort to get the "goods" on the future Princess's much-ballyhooed wedding frock under lock-and-key out-of-sight from the world-at-large - one thing is certain.

Mike Oldfield did not whip up Kate's coming-out designer gown for the Wedding of the century!

The pressure was so great that the celebrated designer was forced to tip his hand at the 11th hour.

No chic spendiferous gown was crafted out of his studio to boast about!

In spite of the fact, Oldfield was the bookies' favorite (with odds of 1-3) to edge out the leading designers elbowing for the prestigious assignment.

Meanwhile, a curious world gazes on bemused by it all, as the final hours tick away before the big day in Jolly Old England across the pond!

Of course, it you can't land the headliner - just maybe - it's time to settle for second best.


Now, the frenzied media has focused its searing lens on the wedding party, young-and-old alike.

Kate's reluctance to spill the beans, has been a blessing in disguise for the Royal couple's minions in tow, after all.

Ladies-in-waiting, the Maids-of-honor - you name it - are stepping forward into the spotlight to model their stylish threads before the Royal heads roll at the crack-of-dawn tomorrow.

The tony elite worming their way out of the expensive woodwork are turning heads - and in the process - rustling up a lot of scuttlebutt about this 'n that.

For instance, Chelsy Davy - a high-profile South African heiress - will dazzle the lookie-loos in the packed streets outside Westminster Abbey with one of two spiffy outfits whipped up for the Royal occasion.

Although there has been quite a bit of chat about the Italian designer Albert Ferretti - who fashioned the exquisite creations - the juicy gossip around town is that Chelsy may very well end up between-the-sheets with Prince Harry (a casual boy-toy boyfriend) on his brother's night of wedded bliss.

Oh, would I like to be a fly on Harry's bedroom wall tomorrow night.

As to the outfits, well, it is rumored that the socialite will don an aqua blue green bias reverse satin short dress with a faille silk jacket of the same color in the shoulder and back.

The jet -set Diva will change into a midnight blue crepe satin gown off one shoulder with cutout detail on the back for a party in the early eve.

Word out of the Palace today is that  Camilla - step-mom to the Princes - will strut stylishly in an Anna Valentine gown; after all, Valentine designed the frock that Bowles wore to her own wedding to Prince Charles a few scant years ago.

With just a day to go, the world still knows next-to-nothing about what Prince William’s bride will wear, to mark her transition from commoner to princess.

There is a distinctive buzz in the air, though.

Some are whispering that Kate fiddled with a few fabrics at home one night - and essentially - designed the gown she is about to ceremoniously unveil to an adoring world!

It is hinted that the gown will have a Renaissance design featuring satin and lace and sure to “include" fashion flourishes and style influences indicative of the unique Emanuel wedding dress donned by Prince William’s mother Princess Diana.

“They’ve done an amazing job at keeping it secret,” gushed Darcy Miller, editorial director at Martha Stewart Weddings.

“The secrecy of the designer is making it more of an obsession” for brides and millions of royal fans everywhere," she added excitedly.

Insiders speculate that the gown will be - first and foremost - a notch above modest.

The future Princess is expected to walk the aisle in a gown that lends a graceful air to her presence - which means - the bride-to-be will avoid making too big of a splash.

Kate will not be donning anything strapless, nor will there be a titillating display of flesh, or eye-popping cleavage to provoke controversy (or scorn) on her special day.

True to tradition, she'll wear something borrowed and something blue, though.

Just wait and see!

The strongest contenders for the wedding-gown commission were Sarah Burton (creative director at the fashion house of  Alexander McQueen) and - surprise - Sophie Cranston (who worked with McQueen’s studio and Temperley) before setting up her small label "Libelula".

The wedding gown may feature pearl buttons and showcase a 10-foot sprawling train.

In a recent poll, Brits voted their thoughts on what color the gown will be, too.

A clear majority (57% ) gave the nod to ivory, while 20%  were of the mindset that Kate will jump-for-joy in white. 

Peach, I wonder!

Without doubt, there will be an exquisite hat atop her pretty head, for sure!

What do 'ya think?

By the way, Kate Middleton will have five in her wedding party which shall be comprised of sister Pippa, Lady Louise Windsor, the Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones,and three-year-olds Grace van Cutsem and Eliza Lopes.

At press time, details surrounding their wedding threads, were being slowly released.

News at 11!

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