Saturday, April 9, 2011

San Francisco Giants...12th inning rollercoaster ride! Sammy Hagar sings! Posey to get nod for "Rookie" of Year!

Buster Posey "Rookie of the Year"

The Manager for the Giants said it best.

"It was quite an emotional rollercoaster ride."

From the offset, the atmosphere at AT & T ballpark was electrically-charged, as fans descended on the stadium en masse sporting logo gear and at-the-ready to cheer on their heroes.


"Opening Day" in China basin rocked from the crack-of-dawn - ‘til late in the day - when the sun finally disappeared in a blaze of glory beyond the horizon.

At the dugout store fans snapped up novel souvenirs and logo gear to sport at upcoming games.

An eye-catching white jersey with “Giants” etched in gold was a “must-have” pullover jersey that was flying off the shelves at $250 a pop!.

Personally, my own eye was on one that featured Buster Posey etched in gold on a midnight black background.

Although the spirits were quite high from the get-go, the mood managed to distinctly elevate to an even greater fever pitch once management commenced with the well-orchestrated "Home Opener" celebrations which caused ecstatic fans to jump to their feet and roar their approval throughout.

For example, when Brian Wilson strode onto the field - and hoisted the flag - the packed house went wild.

Wilson fessed up later that he was nervous about the task at hand.

"I was afraid of the flag being upside down. I was really nervous about that part. But everything went well."


No one would kick the stud out of bed for eating crackers - or for sporting a cave-man-style beard  - at this juncture in his successful high-profile baseball career.

The lead singer for the local band - TRAIN - was also well-received when he warbled the National Anthem on the well-manicured green.

Jets darted across the sky moments later, fireworks erupted, then - whew! - it was time to play ball!

And, what a game it was!

Die hard fans - and sports enthusiasts in attendance - got their money’s worth (and then some)!

For example, late in the game - the Cardinals and the Giants were tied 4-4 - which forced a battle of the wits to the bitter end.

Right up until the bottom of the 12th, that is, until a player sporting a uniform in ubiquitous Black & Orange team colors finally turned-the-tables on the visiting team.


Outfielder Aaron Rowand won it with a single off-the-wall in left center field.

Last year, if you recall, Rowand was the "opening day" center fielder. 

However, this year he was forced to sit on the bench until the 9th, when he was  finally given the nod to replace Aubrey Huff in left field.

In view of a couple of goofs earlier in the week, it was only a matter of time before Bochy would yank Huff from the outfield, unfortunately.

"Row's been swinging the bat well. I give him a lot of credit. It hasn't been easy with his playing time cut down at the start of the season. He's doing all he can to force the issue. I felt we had the right guy up," Bochy mused to reporters.

"He smoked it."

By the way, Bochy received a "Lifetime Achievement Award" from his peers night-before-last at a tony affair down on the Peninsula.

In sum, the "Home Opener" was quite a memorable - unforgettable - one that will go down in baseball history as one of the most hard-fought.

In fact, fans and players alike were treated to a match that spelled out what the dreaded meaning of the "T" word is all about.


Nerve-wracking, for some.

"We'd like to do without torture baseball," Javier Lopez lamented after the long-drawn-out game finally came to a resounding close in favor of the Giants (5-4).

The media turned out in full force to capture every delicious highlight for their TV viewers at home.

“There were quite a few smiles ear to ear,” one reporter gushed into the camera.

“We’re going to do it again,” a female fan mugged for another newsie, when asked if she thought a World Championship was within the team's grasp this season.

The general consensus appeared to be that the Giants started and finished in great style.

Will there be more of the same today?

For starters, the celebratory spirit will continue; after all,  the Giants receive their World Championship rings at the ballpark today (Saturday April 9th).

By the way, the first 20,000 fans to trot into the stadium this afternoon are going to be gifted with a souvenir key ring, too!

Sammy Hagar – the Red Rocker (formerly with Van Halen's Band before a much-publicized falling-out with the lead singer) - is slated to belt out the National Anthem tonight.

In a TV interview, which was taped at a restaurant he owns and operates in Noe Valley, he joked about rehearsing for his big moment at AT & T ballpark.

“I don’t have an Opera-style voice,” he kidded.

For good reason, Hagar expects to belt out the anthem in his own inimitable style.

Fans are going to sit up and take notice, he cackled in so many words.

If not, aliens might end up hovering overhead  with a different reaction, ready to whisk him away into the heavens (never to be seen on this mortal coil again).

Read his book, if you can't fathom my drift, eh?

Buster Posey is also going to be given the nod at Sunday Night's game for being the much-touted "Rookie" of the Year.

See 'ya there!

Sammy Hagar to belt out National Anthem!