Sunday, April 3, 2011

San Francisco Giants...a shut-out on Dodger turf! Barry Zito must go! Monkey off Cain's back!

After a disastrous two-game loss to the Dodgers on their home turf this past week, the Giants juggled their roster - added a bit of spit and polish to their style - and managed to pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and roar to a stunning victory at Caesar Ravine yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Fans sure got their money's worth!

When the dust settled, it was evident that the Giants still have the spunk - and the God-given stellar talent (instinct, too) - which is the kind of prerequisite needed to scoop up another World Championship title down the long-and-winding road ahead.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are licking their wounds today, wondering the obvious.

What happened?

Did a mini two-game winning streak instill in 'em a false sense of security (and hope)  - or - did the Giants just play a better ballgame?

As the plays unfolded on the field, it became crystal clear the rag-tag team from the Bay area is a force (fear the beard, dudes!) to still reckon with.

In retrospect?

Tim Lincecum got it right  -when he confidently noted in the humiliating wake of the 1st loss earlier in the week - that it was just "one game".

When the 2nd defeat was about to prove otherwise, heck, the Giants snapped out of the deep funk yesterday with a remarkable come back.

Something tells me the it's going to be tooth-and-nail all-the-way.

Don't know if I am up for the roller-coaster-ride, are you?

Not without a good shot of optimism (and whiskey in my gut) at least.

And, who were the heroes of the day?

The big spotlight fell on Matt Cain, Aubrey Huff, and Freddy Sanchez.

After a long drought, Cain was back in the saddle, stealing thunder from the cocky Dodgers.

"It was definitely nice to get the monkey off my back," he beamed to reporters.


"He's back!"

The right-handed pitcher scattered five hits over six innings, struck out three, and didn't allow any self-respecting opponent to even walk.

Aubrey Huff revved up the fans when he drove in three runs (to match 3 of the same by Sanchez).

Manager Bruce Bochy - in the dumper day-before-yesterday, understandably - was upbeat in the wake of Cain's stand-up-and-take notice performance on Dodger turf.

"Matt Cain was outstanding. You could tell he wasn't hesitant on any pitch."

Miguel Tejada contributed two RBIs, which may cause some critics to reconsider an assessment they made a couple of days ago (they lamented he was over-the-hill), when the Giants were slipping-and-sliding in ka-ka.

Tejada was ecstatic over the end scenario.

"We just need somebody to start and then everybody follow. We're all happy today."

So, who is that leader of the pack, if it isn't Tim Lincecum?

McCain?  Wilson?

By the way, to add fuel to scuttlebutt I penned in a prior post, a sports reporter at the locally-based San Francisco Examiner has suggested that it may be time to cut the fat.

With that in mind, and for the overall good of the team, Tim Liotta harped in this morning's edition that it may be time for Barry Zito to go!

Today, that may be evident, if the player with the "fragile psyche" starts ups this afternoon and doesn't deliver.


Are his days numbered?

News at 11!

Outstanding pitching a turn-around for Cain!