Sunday, April 10, 2011

San Francisco Giants...diamond encrusted World Championship bling! Tiffany sparkler dazzles ballplayers & fans!

Yesterday, I reported in a post at "The Tattler" that the San Francisco Giants were about to trot onto the field at AT & T ballpark, to slip on their snazzy World Championship rings.

Post: 04/09/2011

Unfortunately, I was unable to describe the dazzling piece of bling in intricate detail because the design was under wraps until the celebrated unveil!

If you thought that the scoop on Kate Middleton's wedding dress was the best-kept secret of the season - well - you thought wrong!

Twenty thousand fans dashed down to the stadium (including one of the stars of the hit show "Glee") to stand in line for hours - in a frenzied bold-faced effort to scoop up their own replicas - which was being gifted to die-hard souvenir collectors who were promised first dibs!

And, what a prize that turned out to be, eh?

The beautifully-crafted keepsake was designed by Tiffany and inspired by the 1933 Giants World Series ring.

The eye-catching sparkler sports a SF logo set with round diamonds on a bezel of pure gold flanked by two round diamonds.

One shank has 2010 gracing a yellow-gold tower symbolic of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The other has the recipient's name in a ribbon over the World Series Trophy.

Within the top of the trophy is one mandarin-orange spessartite which represents baseball's San Francisco Championship.

At the base of the trophy are five diamonds representing the five New York Championships.

What a memento!

The ceremony was quite a sight to behold, by the way.

Everyone present on the field - even the cameramen - sported spiffy tuxedos with orange bow ties!

And, the heroes of the day - the Giants ballplayers - were donned in jazzy gold-lettered hats and uniforms.

A motorcade of police on motorcycles and horses, trailed by vintage autos, added a touch of pomp and circumstance to the awesome festivities.

Manager, Bruce Bochy noted that he intends to wear his ring daily.

"I've been to the series a couple of times and didn't quite get it," Bochy fessed up.

"That's why this one means so much."

It's all about winning, just ask Hollywood "bad boy", Charlie Sheen!

"It's not going to be too blingy," Bochy blurted out, almost as an afterthought.


Bochy must be a regular in Vegas where ostentatious displays of glitz are common.

If you're a gambling dude, by the way, you can take a shot at winning a copy of the original.


A ring identical to the one issued to each of the players and all of the coaches was crafted by Tiffany and is to be raffled off in the near future.


Good luck winning it, eh?

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