Friday, April 8, 2011

San Francisco frenzy hits fever pitch! Packed stands at "Home Opener"! TRAIN to warble National Anthem!


Bright and early this morning, the front office trotted out the World Cup at AT & T ballpark to remind baseball fans – and a posse of excited reporters – just who the World Champions are (in the event it slipped their minds!), workers scrambled last-minute to trim the grass on the field before the teaming masses descend from all corners of the Bay area to participate in America’s favorite past time, and a slew of baseball enthusiasts are calling in to work crying-the-blues about being “sick” so they can hot-foot it down to the waterfront to catch the much-anticipated match between the Giants and the Cardinals this afternoon.

No doubt, the lead singer for TRAIN is also taking a second glance at the "tricky" lyrics for the Nation Anthem, too - so that when the band belts out their rendition of the sentimental tune this afternoon - there are no Christina Aguilera-style slip-ups that prove to be a humiliating embarrassment for the popular San Francisco-based band to endure.

And, a headline on the cover of the San Francisco Examiner reads:



Giants’ fever is sweeping across the city with renewed frenzy.

For good reason!

On the heels of a big victory in San Diego yesterday – where the Giants scored big with a win against the Padres (8-4) - fans are optimistic that their celebrated home team will nab it today.

Expect some surprises, too.

A banner – yet to be revealed – will be hoisted at the beginning of the game with a message that the Management promises is sure to cause quite a sensation with the fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

At press time, it was announced a handful of seats – standing-room-only – are still available for $99.00 a pop.

The gates are open to ticket-holders at 10:30 a.m. (by the way)!

Meanwhile, some die-hard fans have tossed together “splash crafts” to paddle about on in the Cove next to AT & T park where they’re expected to catch a picturesque bird’s eye view of the game.

If the Giants win?

Well, there will be a hot-time in the old town tonight, alright!

See ‘ya there!

San Francisco band warbles National Anthem!