Monday, April 4, 2011

San Francisco Giants...Huff a Keystone Cop! Zito springs back! Dodgers nab 4th game in series!

Fave pitcher!

When Aubrey Huff trotted this way 'n that on the field at Dodger Stadium yesterday afternoon - looking more like a "Keystone Cop" that a pro ballplayer - the thoughts running through his mind were crystal clear to baseball enthusiasts excitedly tracing his every movement from the stands.

"The ball has to be up there somewhere," he must have been musing to himself as stunned fans gazed on in shock.

Then, once the easy-going athlete spied the little sucker - too late, it whizzed by the "green" outfielder - a country-mile out-of-reach.


The sloppy slip-ups inspired pranksters to etch out a silhouette of Aubrey's corpse on the field to mark the death of a once-promising sports career.


Actually, critics weren't that harsh under the circumstances, in the final analysis.

No wonder!

Huff is not a right fielder and was just filling in (they got that right!) 'til Cody Ross is ready to fill those baseball shoes.

In spite of the fact a cushion of tummy fat appeared to break the fall, Huff confided that two of the ballsy dives left him in pain.

And, he was not inclined to allow scoffers to shove him around, either.

"I'm going to make routine plays. Those plays aren't easy. You guys act like they were routine plays. I tried my best to catch them."

As, Joe Pesci would quip:

"Alright! Alright! Alright!"

But, there were highlights, don't get me wrong.

In fact, after a three point lead by the Dodgers, it looked like the Giants were going to roar ahead of the home team and nab the 4th game in the series.

Unfortunately, it didn't pan out that way, but there were no glaring errors to blame.

Zito surprised fans and newsies alike with a pretty dynamic round of pitching at the mound - in spite of being banged up in a nasty fender-bender a scant few days ago - go figure!

"Considering the severity of the deal, I felt pretty good. I had good stuff, so I'm definitely encouraged," he chirped cheerfully to all within earshot.

Meanwhile, the spanking-new bushy moustache caused one news anchor to mutter.

"Zito's going for that State Trooper look."

Maybe the naysayers will give the kid a break, eh?

By the way, Pablo Sandoval hit his first homer, too.

In the end, the game left a bad taste in the mouth of the Giants, as they climbed on the bus to head for San Diego where they'll play the Padres (3:35 p.m approximate) on Tuesday.

Manager Bruce Bochy summed it up best.

"It's not the way we want to start. The first couple of games we hurt ourselves and easily could have come away with a couple more wins if we played better ball," he shook his head sadly.

"I knew this wasn't going to be an easy part of the schedule. Hopefully, we'll get back on track."

Sounds like the fans have to get out to AT & T ballpark next home again to boost the team's morale a tad.

Go! Giants! Go!

See 'ya there!

"The Only thing weird about Wilson is his beard!"
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