Wednesday, April 6, 2011

San Francisco the dumper! San Diego Padres winners! Lincecum pitches!

Bumgarner pulled after 3 innings!

In spite of some slipping-and-sliding, and a dismal turn-out for the Giants to date in Los Angeles and farther down south in San Diego, Bruce Bochy was adamant about his position in the matter.

“We’re going to stay with our best club, whether it’s pitching or offensively,” he stated matter-of-fact day-before-yesterday, as anxious reporters jockeyed for “quotable quotes” on the heels of another humiliating loss.

In spite of that promise, Bochy was inclined to send Bumgarner packing yesterday, after the pitcher failed to deliver on the mound in a fierce match against the Padres.

Heh, when you’re on the top of the heap (World Champions), the competition goes gunning for ‘ya, go figure!

But, in some respects, Bumgarner’s lackluster performance was unforgivable.

At one point, for instance, the seasoned ballplayer actually turned this way ‘n that - at a loss about what to do to with the ball (try throwing it, kid!) - as fans gazed on stunned.

If it’s any consolation to San Franciscans, the “freak” is slated to hit the field in today's game.

Can the Giants spring back – after a dismal showing in the first few games of the season - with Lincecum at the helm?

It’s doubtful that 9 ballplayers (No. 9! No. 9! No.9! must be ringing in Bumgarner’s ears right about now) will make it to bat in one lone inning if the "Golden Boy" has any say in the matter.

As for today, well - sports writers were whining that the Giants failed in their bid for a win - because they had a tough time getting a “hit”.

“Timing (which was off) is everything, after all,” quipped one astute observer.

The Giants had opportunities, alright.

“But, they blew it!”

One sports pundit waxed philosophical, made off-beat flimsy excuses, in fact.

“The Giants tend to have problems in April,” he muttered in their defense, to all within earshot.

“And, they’re playing in Southern California against two teams who want that title so bad they can taste it,” was the consensus of another.

Talk about rivals!

To paraphrase an old truism:

“Uneasy are the bats and mitts of ballplayers who hold the coveted World Title.”

Maybe the tables will finally turn when the “closer” – Brian Wilson - triumphantly returns and instills some fear into the competition.

Meanwhile, I am predicting that Posey will finally bust out, and that rookie Brandon Belt may end up most valuable player, at the end of the season.

Stay posted (and loyal) in spite of my own tendency to slip-up in recent days!

Like the San Francisco Giants, I’m a Champion in some respects, but - only human - in the final analysis!


The "Freak" gives it a shot today!