Wednesday, April 13, 2011

San Francisco Giants...roar back! Rookie Brandon Belt to outfield? Posey struts right stuff!


One of the local sports writers rated the Giants half a baseball (out of a possible 4) for Monday Night’s performance on the field against the Dodgers who nabbed it with a 6-1 victory.

Critics of the Giants – and fans alike – lamented that the defense was troubling.

Allegedly, Manager Bruce Bochy took his anger out on inanimate objects in the dugout, that’s how pi**ed he was about the nasty turn-of-events.

Even Madison Bumgarner lost his cool in the fifth inning.

Was he cursing into his glove – or texting an unidentified baseball coach for advice - from parts unkown?

The big menace (bully?) came in the form of an on-the-ball pitcher – Clayton Kershaw – who was relentless.

The studly ballplayer intimidated his rivals with a mix of fast balls (whizzing by at 95 mph) and slow sneaky curves that never let up until he had struck out seven nervous batters in just about as many innings.

“He’s a tough guy out there,” one ballplayer admitted.

According to Pat Burrell - “the situation” - cried out for a better approach.

Fans were at-the-ready to lash out at the sloppy players on the field at AT & T ballpark the other evening.

Heck, that’s what they deserved, after all.

But, Bochy - especially in the instance of up-and-comer Brandon Belt (who disappointed with a lackluster performance) – revealed a soft spot for the wide-eyed tobacco-chewing rookie chomping-at-the-bat to do good.

“He’ll adjust. He’s got the ability to cover both sides of the plate. He has the talent to hit and get on base.”

At the end of the day, Bochy was philosophical.

“We just haven’t gotten into the flow yet, offensively or defensively.”

In view of last night’s miraculous comeback, maybe Bochy spoke too soon, eh?


The Giants roared back and kicked some deserving butt!

The mighty Champs rustled up enough offense to surge forward and nab a win against their Dodgier rivals out to best ‘em on their home turf.

Brian Wilson was credited for the victory in the darkest hour when it comes down to the nitty-gritty.

When excited fans streamed out of the stadium late in the evening, the air was a-buzz with speculation about Brandon Belt, for starters.

In an effort to improve defense, Bochy may relegate the rookie to the outfield, to relieve a struggling Aubrey Huff.

If it was a big deal, the Giants newcomer didn’t let on to the swarm of paparazzi and fans in the locker room.

“I played outfield most of my life. I’ll be out there and try to figure out the nooks and crannies next few days.”

An outfield coach is lending a hand to ensure the transition is smooth for the kid from nowhere who made a big impression first-week out.

Meanwhile, Bochy attempted damage control.

“We feel good about where we’re at.”

All that might change tonight at China Basin.

Who knows!

See ‘ya there, eh?

Fear the beard!