Friday, April 8, 2011

San Francisco Giants...roar of fans deafens! Jets fly-by! Fireworks erupt! Brian Wilson cheered!

Fans roar approval when Beard puts in appearance!

With a twang in his voice, and after a wild roar from the fans in the stands, the leader singer of “Train” belted out the last few bars of the National Anthem just seconds before two jets flew overhead – fireworks erupted in the pristine blue sky – and the festivities started up with a celebratory ring at AT & T Park.

Earlier in the day, locals who elected to hop on MUNI for a trek across town, found themselves packed into the trains like sardines alongside excited Giants’ fans decked out in the ubiquitous Orange & Black team colors– and, of course – sporting specially- crafted gear with eye-catching logos featuring the names of their baseball heroes!

Outside the stadium the sound of the applause was deafening!

Because of a recent attack on a Giants fan at a Dodger’s game in Los Angeles, security was beefed up today, but the city’s finest managed to remain low-key in the shadows without any intimidation factors spoiling the mood.


Meanwhile, on every occasion there was an opportunity to do so, die-hard Giants’ aficionados ecstatically hollered out their approval as they munched on mighty tasty over-priced hot dogs - and quenched their thirst with ice-cold beer - packed along for the much-ballyhooed match against the St. Louis Cardinals.

When the team banner - etched with the words “World Champions” on its face was unveiled in the opening ceremonies – everyone in attendance just about lost it!

Then, it was time to play ball!

In the “Public House” – a bar on the street level - sports enthusiasts without tickets were tossing back  brewskies, hungrily downing chips and dip, and keeping a keen watchful eye on all the plays with great intensity.

At one point, when I took a swig of beer, a patron knocked my arm - at which point - a few dollops of the frothy ale spilled to the floor.

A pretty brunette turned, broke into a smile, and proceeded to snatch up a few napkins to wipe away the slippery mess.

Security guards in chic black tailored suits tend to hover in the shadows- but glide swiftly and discreetly to trouble spots -when they need to. 

Very classy!


The mood was definitely upbeat in the trendy watering hole - and fans were terribly forgiving of any unpleasantries they were forced to endure - because of overcrowding.

Other locals, unable to gate-crash, gathered at the side of the stadium to catch every delicious moment through the cracks in a gate on the pier that hugs McCovey Cove.

Folks have got the Giants fever bad, alright.

Well, it’s time to down my Pacifico Clara (Mexican beer) and head back to town to finish up some chores.

Updates on the "Home Opener" later!

Fan in McCovey Cove scores big-time!