Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sarah Palin..."Blind Allegiance" expose! Queen of Tea Party potboiler!

Between the scandal sheets!

Poor Sarah Palin!

The former John McCain running mate - who ran against Obama's ticket in the last Presidential race - was pretty adept at keeping her innermost scandalous secrets in the closet.

And, with a slick posse of handlers on hand along the campaign trail daily, it was pretty much a snap for the charismatic upstart to prevent damaging gossip from floating out onto the political terrain and spewing over the vicious blogosphere where nasty pundits were laying in wait hungry for the the dirt.

Notwithstanding, staunch strident supporters were always at-the-ready - quick-as-a-wink- to leap into action and extinguish fires when they flared up now and then.

But, with a tell-all expose about to be published (and released) on May 24th, it appears that Sarah's fifteen glorious minutes in the sun are about to be eclipsed by the dark musings of Frank Bailey and a pack of wolves howling at the moon.

Go, figure!

Bailey is a former aide, who lived it up with Palin, so he could write it all down for posterity.

Now, his detailed chilling side of things is about to be released under the auspices of "Howard Books".

Due out on May 24th, the potboiler titled - "Blind Allegiance" - is expected to toss a searing spotlight on the Queen of the Tea Party circuit - and ultimately - knock the folksey Alaskan flat on her Republican ass.

Curiously, Ken Morris (a published author) and a high-profile blogger (Jeannie Devon) collaborated with Bailey on the much-anticipated page-turner.

Not surprising, eh?

When there are skeletons in the closet, a ghost whisperer or two, to shake out the cobwebs of intrigue!

Just betch, it's on the bestseller list, first week out on the shelves!

News at 11!


Tell-all no joke for Queen of Tea Party!