Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some Women are Infatuated With This Man

1. The man with a scar

Maybe no one thought that the scar can become an attraction. But it turns out the scar is considered a symbol of virility by many perempaun. They were curious about the story behind the injury.

2. Strangeness

The nerdy geek or maybe once a month thereafter popular gang. But now do not be surprised if the man you think geek has a beautiful girlfriend and super sexy. Sometimes the behavior 'bizarre' the man that is regarded as unique. The women may be bored with the type of man that 'ordinary' alone. Rather than choose the men they encountered the usual hanging out in odd places, now many women who choose to date with a nerdy guy who has a dream to make rocket fuel with water.

3. Men who sweat

Excessive sweating would make the confidence decreases. But for some women, the sweat makes men look sexy. Moreover, sweat it out while the man was exercising, the woman who saw it must have unnerved. According to one study, when berkeringan, male hormone androstadienone issue that can make a woman excited.

But keep in mind is personal hygiene. If your body is not clean, the sweat that comes out will lead to a less pleasant odor. Rather than look sexy, you may be shunned by women.

4. Gray hair

The aging process is a sure thing. One of the signs is tibulnya gray or gray hair. Now do not bother to polish your hair regularly. You may remember the actor Richard Gere, yag considered more sexy when his hair turned white. Uban was used as a symbol of maturity and manhood by some women. so why cover it?

5. Glasses

According to a study in Stockholm women is now more interested in berkacamata.krn smart and intelligent man is the reason. so for those of you who have bad eyesight, do not hesitate to wear glasses. necessary, adjust the shape frame with your face shape.