Sunday, April 3, 2011

Source Code...Hitchcockian-style thriller! Jake Gyllenhaal excels!


This weekend, film buffs - and fans of actor Jake Gyllenhaal - will be scooting off to the local cinema to catch the sexy hunk's latest flick "Source Code".

If fans are anxious to feast on the stud's muscled bod once again - after getting an eyeful of his pumped flesh in one of  his last features with Anne Hathaway - they'll be SOL.


The star who broke into the International spotlight portraying a gay cowboy in Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" - opposite Heath Ledger - may disappoint in that regard.

But, if movie-goers are intrigued by the idea of a thought-provoking cerebral thriller (prone to play havoc with the preconceived notions about fate, reality, and illusion), then this Hitchcockian-style mystery (mind-bender!) is worth the price of admission.

The plot moves along at a fast clip (without much fat), the cinematography is superb, and the special effects entertaining.

Jake, and his talented cast of supporting players, are at the top of their game here.

For the most part, the stylish well-crafted studio project has been garnering pretty positive reviews.

With one exception, however.

Critics tend to whine that the plot is a little convoluted, difficult to fathom - and, that the ending - is ambiguous.

Did those popcorn-loving movie reviewers stroll into the wrong theatre by accident?

In my mind's eye, the screenwriter struck the right balance, and delivered up a tight taut celluloid gem.

And, achieved the unthinkable, in the process.

Indeed, the studio turned out a feature that explored not only new territory, but managed to do so without losing any commercial appeal for a wide demographic around the country sure to snap up tickets over the next few weeks.

My only criticism?

It was not necessary to "tack" on the last two scenes - and thus - spoon feed the audience to "ensure" all the loose strings were tied up in a neat and tidy package.

With an intelligent offering like this, it was not necessary to treat the ticket-holders like they were stupid, in my estimation.

We got it! 

To go into details would only spoil it for 'ya.

'Til next time at the Movies!

May the Source Code bewitch you!