Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stomp...auditions in New York City! April 25th! Break a leg!


The successful stage production - STOMP - is holding open auditions in New York City on April 25th.

The try-outs will be held at The Orpheum Theatre.

STOMP, is an exciting night of dazzling entertainment which features a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy.

After a 10 year collaboration, the creators - Steve McNicholas & Luke Cresswell - crafted a stage show that has been packing houses around the globe since its first inception in the summer of 1991.

The original cast of STOMP recorded music for the "Tank Girl" film soundtrack and also contributed to the Quincy Jones album "Q’s Jook Joint".

A soundtrack recorded by Cresswell and McNicholas for the Showtime Movie - “Riot" - was released in the Spring of ’97.

STOMP has also been featured in slick eye-popping commercials which include a handful for Coca-Cola’s Ice Pick, Target stores in the US, Toyota in Japan, and "Seat" in Europe.

More recently, STOMP was commissioned to create and produce the "Lost and Found Orchestra" which took the ideas behind Stomp to a symphonic level (in celebration of 40 years of the Brighton Festival).

The LFO performed at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney Festival early in 2007 and at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The show was reworked and renamed for a US tour in 2010 and titled:

Pandemonium: the Lost and Found Orchestra

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