Monday, April 4, 2011

Sundance Film Festival...Robert Redford to screen flicks across pond in London! A gamble?


In a bid to spread the good word about the wonders of celluloid and Independent film (now a major U.S. export overseas) and its ability to touch and inspire the human spirit, officials at Robert Redford's "Sundance Film Festival" announced ambitious plans to launch a version of the Utah-based fest overseas in the heart of London.

The much-ballyhooed cultural reach is slated for an ceremonious unveiling next year (to run April 26th thru the 29th).

In addition to an eclectic string of thought-provoking insightful movies, Redford's "baby" is known for, there will be a stimulating calendar of events that range from live stage performances, to industry panels on a myriad of filmmaker topics, and insightful one-on-one interviews with high-profile celebs on the independent film landscape.

"It is our mutual goal to provide the U.K. with the very best in current American Independent Cinema, to introduce the artists responsible for it, and in essence help build a picture of our country that is broadly reflective of the diversity of voices not always seen in our cultural exports," the respected actor underscored in a press release in recent days.

Will there be as keen an interest in Sundance "picks" (which usually set filmmaking trends) across the big pond as there is on these shores?

News at 11!

From heartthrob to respected film director!