Saturday, April 23, 2011

Takumi (Japanese Ceramic) Open Studio Begins!

w/duCret Instructor Simon B. Keller

Takumi Open Studio on Thursday evenings begins on May 5 from
6PM ~ 8PM. (Open ended) Fee: $20.00 per evening w/onetime materials fee of $50.00.

This year duCret opens it's third Open Studio to the public, Takumi Ceramics and Pottery Wheel. Open Studio's are purposefully hosted by duCret to enable anyone with an interest in art, to 'try out' participating in a visual artist's environment before formally committing to a class. It's also designed for those who simply want to relax one night a week away from the TV and do something constructive and creative, as well as for those would simply like to paint, draw or create while in the company other artistic minded individuals.

Creativity by group enhances the solo journey of each, for to create in community, the 'energy' of inspiration is allowed to swell and stir within all who gather together in common pursuit. This energy propels one out into the week with a sence of deeper life purpose, connection, accomplishment and inner satisfaction that money can't buy.

Experiencing Japanese Ceramics is a hands-on experience for educators and students alike. Working with clay involves all our senses, fosters creativity and imagination. It provides a pro-active, cognitive and sensual experience. As a wholesome activity, it contributes to a physical-mental balance. Clay has been a favored material with artists, educators and therapists for decades. Its place in recreational and occupational therapy is internationally recognized All completed pieces will be glazed and fired. Pottery Wheel in June - Additionally, throughout the month of June, Open Studio participants will also be given the opportunity to try their hand at Pottery Wheel. The art of Throwing clay “off-the-mountain” enables students to experience the beauty of clay evolving out of motion. Four basic techniques enable you to create pieces of various shapes and sizes. This is the “how-to” of Japanese wheel-thrown pottery using a kick wheel.