Friday, April 8, 2011

Under the House

by Roberta Estes
Have you ever eaten under a house?  No, really….a picnic maybe?  Well, you haven’t lived until you have.  In Hatteras, many houses are on stilts, and under the house becomes a living or a storage area – well – at least until the next flood.  Anything left under the house just gets washed away.
In our case, we rented a house for a group of individuals and we have to feed about 25 folks 3 meals per day.  Our lovely pirate, George, cooks for us.  Blackbeard beware – you have serious competition…
Here’s the pirates lair – under the house.  

Only on Hatteras will you find a pirate that cooks for you, and has his lair under the house!  Truly a unique  Outer Banks experience.

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