Monday, April 18, 2011

William & Kate: The Movie...cheesy bio unveils truth! Future Princess hot (to trot)!

"The movie is so bad it may end up a cult classic," one critic quipped, as he rolled his eyes and appeared to be lament - "Give me a break" - between the poorly-written lines.

'Ya get the drift, eh?

Train-wrecks are tragic, but - even the faint-of-heart are inclined to gaze on with fascination - nonetheless.

Although I haven't been blessed with a sneak preview of "William & Kate: The Movie" - OMG - judging by the dirty rotten reviews it's a Royal hoot.

So, I expect if it is raining tonight in the picturesque city by the bay - or downtrodden folks are snowed in back east in a freak wintry blast before spring finally roars in like a lamb - middle America will be snatching up a truckload of munchies and thirst-quenching  7-11 big gulps - and tuning in to catch what is expected to be ultra-camp entertainment worth writing home about.

What do you expect from a TV MOW quickie slapped together like a tasty ham & cheese sandwich in two seconds flat?

Hold the mayo, please!

The future Princess is on a diet  'ya know?

Obviously, judging from the cries of the critics far-and-wide, there is a distinct departure in taste when it comes to the Yanks on these shores and the Brits across the big pond.

According to one top reviewer - in spite of the fact U.S. critics have been panning the slightly (!) fictionalized real-life fairy tale as a "cheesy chick flick" - it is highly-anticipated that blokes in Jolly old Englan will cherish it because it is so downright "outlandish".

And, you thought the Queen's subjects were amused by dry wit, eh?

The highlight?

When Kate first sashayed down the runway in a see-through dress before the winsome twosome  originally hooked up, Wills' rowdy pals apparently shouted out their approval.

"Kate's hot."


Love at first sight!

Of bare flesh, that is.

Sounds like the Prince is just as randy as his younger brother Harry.

At least he has his priorities straight!

See 'ya at Westminster Abbey on the 29th, eh?

Rain forecast for the 29th?
(Don't forget your rubbers Wills)