Saturday, April 2, 2011 now moved to

Long story, but domain got hijacked... Fixed the broken links to webseries on here (so hopefully everything now points to, but think I've lost all the links out there on the internet.

Here's what I think the lesson is - the community around your site is probably even more important than your site address. Pretty much anything can be found these days - the question is, does anyone want to find your stuff? If there's a community around it, the answer is more likely to be yes...

Anyway, working through your kind messages and suggestions for web shows you'd like me to link to, and hopefully I'll get them on here asap.

The great thing with leaving a comment is that the world is free to check out your link before I get round to it, so if you've got a webseries you'd like to plug or get more viewers, leave a comment by clicking on COMMENTS BELOW.

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