Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The X Factor...Simon Cowell auditions in Newark, Seattle & Dallas! Catch a rising star!


Cowell's virile hairy factor!

In a recent e-mail, Simon Cowell - the former American Idol Judge - posed a pointed question.

Do you - or a friend or a family member - have what it takes to become a global superstar?


The feisty Brit - known for his caustic wit - is out to rustle up a bevy of unknown singing sensations to showcase on his upcoming variety entertainment show.

The X Factor!

Cowell is launching the project - a version of which is fairing well in the ratings on the boob tube in jolly old England - in the fall on Fox TV.

X Factor - which Cowell describes as a "make-it-or-break-it" vocal competition - is different than the current fodder proliferating on the airwaves (such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars) because there are no restrictions.

Solo singers, vocal groups - and anyone over the age of 12 - have the chance to win a $5 million recording deal with Sony Music.

You got it!

There's no "upper age" limit!

Performers - who are under the impression that they have what it takes to make it big in show-biz - are encouraged to audition for the Judges.

Although try-outs have already commenced in a couple of major cities around the country, there are three open calls in April (one in May) that performers may attend in Newark, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas.

Now is your chance!

Who knows, you may just walk away with a $5 million recording contract, eh?



Registration consists of a two-part process.


Contestants must collect their wristband the day before the audition.

The lines may be long, so plan accordingly, and be patient!

If friends and family tag along for support, they are required to register as well.


Contestants are advised to arrive at the audition hall before 8 AM on the audition date.

Because there may be a long wait, contestants are advised to dress weather appropriate and pack snacks and drinks (to prevent starvation!).


All attendees (and their families and friends) must present recognized Government-issued ID.

Audition Locations

Prudential Center
Newark, NJ

April 13th
 April 14th

Key Arena
Seattle, WA

April 19th
 April 20th

Sears Center Arena
Chicago, IL

April 26th
April 27th

Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, TX

May 25th
May 26th

Audition Tips


Contestants are advised to select a verse and chorus from 3 songs which they are expected to sing without back-up sheet music.
It is suggested that potential candidates pick songs that show-off their personal talents and that are capable of highlighting their individual style.


Look the part - which means - projecting a style that underscores star quality.


Contestants are required to be U.S. citizens.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany performers under the age of 18.

ID is required for minors.

School ID or a yearbook page with a matching birth certificate are acceptable.


Toll free

855 345 5678

Break a leg, eh?

American Idol a blur now!